Escalating Conflicts with Yellow Jackets!

By now, you may have seen the viral video of Jonathan Buckhouse riding a full day at Area 51, followed by the last run where he and his crew are stopped by Mountain Safety Patrol for ”aggressive” riding and sentenced to a safety class. The video documents an example of recurring and escalating conflicts between … Continue reading Escalating Conflicts with Yellow Jackets!

Safety Check Up – Protect Your Melon

So far this season, there have been eight deaths on the slopes in Colorado.  Two were tramatic brain injuries, three have been cardiac or other natural deaths potentially complicated by attitude, and three were backcountry accidents. Historically, there are typically between 35 and 40 deaths per year. Before we get too far, our condolences to … Continue reading Safety Check Up – Protect Your Melon

Avalanche Warning for Aspects Exposed to Amendment 74!

This is a reprint of our submitted Letter to the Editor of the Denver Post. We’ve heard a lot about Amendment 74 recently. By now, we know the deceptive wording benefits Condemnation Attorneys and Oil and Gas firms seeking retribution for policy changes, like Proposition 112. The resulting lawsuits will cut funding from critical resources. … Continue reading Avalanche Warning for Aspects Exposed to Amendment 74!