About Ullr Provides

UllrProvidesLogoUl·lr (pronounced o͞olər) – The god of winter and snow.

Pro·vides (pronouced prəˈvīdz) – To prepare or procure beforehand.

A significant decline in next-generation snowsports participants is jeopardizing the industry and protection of public land.

Many traditional winter sports activities can have a significant outlay of funds in order to “check it out.”  We’ve all see the long list of “necessary items” before engaging in a new activity.  For the never ever, these are often full of jargon that is not explained in a terse listing. Furthermore, these lists are handed to them long before they can decide if these adventures align with who they are or want to be.  For the person that missed the day these lists were handed out, he/she may show up at a ticket window will quickly face a dilemma of either making a significant and unexpected investment or having a bad experience as a result of inexperience or environmental factors.  When they do, they all to often find their experience show up in the “jerry of the day” video we have all seen on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.


For many, if they experience a bad first impression of the outdoor industry, they are less like to try again.  83 percent of never ever participants return! 

Here at Ullr Provides, we break down the experiences and buying of both soft goods (clothing) and hard goods (equipment) into an iterative process of introduction, education, and progression.  This is enabled by sequencing outdoor adventures that build upon the previous one, explaining new skills to be learned, describing in laymen terms what the gear is, and prioritizing the next item(s) to acquire.  Our “Couch to 5K Vertical” program will help you avoid preparation issues for an activity from a gear, a fitness, or an attitude acclimation perspective as well as minimize any sticker shock of a bulk purchase.  When someone puts their helmet on backward or googles on upside down, we don’t poke fun.  We merely smile, walk over, and kindly educate.


A positive first impression is way more engaging and will lead to return visits.

To push that needle further, we are big advocates of social activities between the participants as well as with brands, resorts, institutions, and non-profits that we have partnered with in developing the program.  With mother nature as our backdrop, we are able to bring authentic and engaging experiences to our new friends.  Though the many in-house events we curate as well as promoting and attending events we find that are cool and aligned with our mutual goals.

An engaged individual will find worth in the environment and deem it worth protecting.