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Thank you for visiting Ullr Provides!  We hope you are enjoying the stories we have shared.  If you are interested in contributing or better yet sponsoring us, we’d love to hear from you.  You can reach us at or by filling out the form below.


Ullr Provides is made up of my wife Katie and myself Fred Winter.   We’re both Colorado natives and have lived on the front range our entire lives.


We met at the Schussbaumer’s Ski Club located a few blocks from Main Street in Breckenridge, Colorado.  We’ve been together since 2013 and have been inseparable most of the time.  She typically leaves me in the dust on the slopes, but I eventually catch up.  Trying to keep up with her brought new meaning to the term “chasing tail.”

With our shared love of snow sports as well as many other activities, it felt like a match made in heaven.  It may sound a little “fairy tale”…..but I started saving for the ring the day after our first date and proposed on the front steps of the club.

(Insert audio file with “ahhhhh” here :))

I am a snowboarder and think I am really good, but the reality of the situation is……….I am really good at finding beer and free cookies at the end of a day.  Katie, on the other hand, is a skier who thinks she is “ok,” but everyone tells her she’s way better than she lets on.

Neither one of us is an expert, just two people that have some experience and some cost saving ideas that you might find useful.  We will also have some feedback on restaurants we enjoy and gear that we love.

If you happen to have dietary preferences, no worries!! Katie is a “recovering” vegan and currently is eating pescatarian (vegetarian that eats fish), and many of our friends are Gluten free, so expect to see that perspective as well.  If not, I will quickly find the worst thing for you on the menu guaranteed!

We’ll talk about the other activities and places to go in the towns we visit such as ice skating rinks, yoga studios, spas, art studios, museums, and shopping.   We’ll make sure we include some dog-friendly spots as well and places they can stay while you play.


We’ll also share our adventures along the way… like highlights of the perfect bluebird day and the many “yard sales” (aka crashes) that are bound to occur.  Maybe I’ll get Katie to swap skiing for boarding one day, and I’ll do the same…..I’ll be sure to get pictures of that post!

If nothing else, we hope you can have a good laugh at us. See you up there!!

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