Avalanche Warning for Aspects Exposed to Amendment 74!

This is a reprint of our submitted Letter to the Editor of the Denver Post.

We’ve heard a lot about Amendment 74 recently. By now, we know the deceptive wording benefits Condemnation Attorneys and Oil and Gas firms seeking retribution for policy changes, like Proposition 112. The resulting lawsuits will cut funding from critical resources.  Oregon faced $20B budget shortfall from a similar measure and repealed it.

Forecast courtesy of our friend Joel Gratz of Open Snow… OpenSnow is rad, please check them out and subscribe to their forecasts! 

With big snow in the forecast, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling is on the minds of many.  These sports rely on Colorado Department Of Transportation to adequately fund Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC).  With 276 reported fatalities recorded, Colorado is by far the most dangerous state for avalanches.  Backcountry Enthusiasts live by the message “If its deep enough to ride, its deep enough to slide.” CAIC forecasts and incident reports are critical to education and enjoying these sports safely!


Lawsuits related to 74 would steal budget from Colorado and CDOT.  Cuts will directly impact the ongoing viability of the CAIC.

Please Vote No on 74!

CIAC is underfunded and heavily relies on donations of participants through the Friends of CIAC!  Please consider donating!