Who is Ullr?

If you’re not a diehard skier, you have probably never even heard of Ullr (pronounced Oool-er).  Thanks for finding us!!!

To be honest, before I started to research more, I thought it was just this funny chant that people said in and around Breckenridge Colorado.  The town has been hosting an Ullr Fest every January for the last 55 years (since 1962) when the ski area opened.   If you’re close enough to hear the local radio station KSMT (“the mountain”) play, you’ll soon hear an ad leading up to and throughout the fest with the chant “Ullr! Ullr! Ullr!.”

Ullr Fest originated as a catchy way to get new tourists to Breckenridge with the main event being the annual Ullr Parade.  That has grown in many ways and now is a weeklong celebration.


Some events that are on the plate for this year’s Ullr Fest include a bonfire, the longest shot ski toast, and apparently a dip in the river (BRRRRReckenridge)!  The Schussbaumer Ski club holds onto its typically enormous Christmas tree for this event.  It’s often the most massive tree to go into the bonfire.

…………….…Oh, sorry I got distracted by the fun and fuzzy memories of Ullr Fest.


Ullr isn’t just a brilliant marketing campaign by Breckenridge Colorado.  Ullr appears in various ski communities from Montana to Sweden.  Ullr is depicted on skis holding a bow and arrow, is widely worn as a metal by both skiers as well as ski patrol.  There are even towns named after Ullr, examples being Ullapool in Scotland, Ullswater in England, and Lilia Ullevi in Sweden.  In Lilia Ullevi, there have been some shrines that have been unearthed that include the rings of oaths Ullr had.

Stick with me……I’m getting there.  I just want you to understand Ullr is legit. Ull legit! Ull legit to quit… HEY HEY! 🙂

Ullr according to Norse Mythology was admired for his ability in skiing and archery.   In fact, he is accredited with deity status of skis, hunting, the bow, and the shield.   As tales have evolved through the years, the stories depict him as the patron saint of winter.   It’s also said that Ullr was the best skier.  He would often win battles and was a highly successful hunter.   At first, Ullr was reluctant to share his skills with others, but eventually, he did… and that’s why we’re here today!

We all celebrate the gift Ullr finally gave to us…..and Yes!! Ullr Provides!!

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